Thursday, February 20, 2014

Emergency Food Storage for your Family’s Survival

It is a common thing nowadays to hear news about natural calamities brought about by climate change. If you are threatened with these news, then it is important to be always prepared especially if you want your family to survive after a natural calamity. You need to remind yourself that these events can happen anytime without any warning that is why you and your family must be ready to handle this kind of unfortunate situation. The sad truth is that many families are unprepared for these emergency situations. This is why emergency preparedness must be taught within the family to ensure that everybody will survive when a disaster or a crisis suddenly hit you. It is better if you have an emergency plan to make sure that you and your family is safe and sound.
When a disaster happened, then you should expect that it will take three or more days before help reaches you, so it is imperative to prepare for these first three crucial days. The first thing that you need to think about is how you can feed your family. In this case, you need emergency food storage that can last for a very long time and will not require any preparation. The most important thing that you need to do is to know what foods you can stock inside your food storage. 
freezing vegetables
What you need are foods that can give nutrition and right amount of calories for your body that does not provoke thirst or the need to drink a lot of water. What you need are non-preparation foods like protein bars and camping meals that you can stock for a longer period of time. The best thing about this type of food is the fact that it can last for two years. In case you want fresh foods like vegetable gardens, then you need to consider Timberline food storage. You can buy freeze dried vegetable. There are different advantages that you can reap out of this process.
There are foods that are best preserved using freeze dried method compared to dehydrated foods. The reason for this is because the vegetable retains its natural flavor, color, texture and the most important part of this process is that it retains the nutritional value of the vegetable. Timberline dried freeze vegetable can offer high quality vegetables and it also includes four kinds of delicious sauces to top them. You can choose from cream sauces, mushroom sauce, butter, and shelf-stable cheese. These sauces does not only adds flavor to the food but they also have some nutritional values. 
emergency food storage
The best thing about their product is that it minimizes wastage. Foods are inside Mylar pouches and not inside tin cans. This is very important so you can easily transport these foods. You will find that their vegetable are packed inside an eight serving pouch. These pouches are very light weight and portable. It is very durable to protect it from damages that make these products very easy to grab and to consume. With Timberline storage food products you and your family can survive any disaster that may come your way.

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